Unveil the Cricket Field of Hangzhou Asian Games
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-07-16 23:30   Source: HAGOC

Zhejiang University of Technology (Pingfeng Campus) Cricket Field is, as the name suggests, hidden in this Liuxia-based campus. Cricket match of 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games will be held here.

Unlike common courses and fields for ball games, a cricket field is a large grass field generally round or oval in shape.

Zhejiang University of Technology (Pingfeng Campus) Cricket Field is designed into an oval field with a long axis of 150m and a short axis of 120m based on current terrain of the campus. It covers an area of about 13,500m2, the size of two standard football fields.

There’s a 26.5m*12.5m rectangular area in the very centre of the field. Known as the pitch, this is where most of the action takes place. It consists of 4 strips. 1,347 spectator seats and functional rooms are arranged in the northeast of the field. The facade of the venue, taking “ZJUT Red” as the dominant hue, perfectly matches the overall style of the campus along with hollow brick wall decoration.

The venue adopts prefabricated steel structure. With less weight and better anti-seismic performance compared to common building materials, this structure not only meets the demands of green and industrialized construction but helps save much time.

A cricket match has to be suspended when it rains. Once the rain stops, the field should be drained within ten minutes to resume the match. So, a good drainage system is critical to a perfect cricket field. Landscape and architectures are taken into consideration to set up professional permeable road surfaces and concave green land, which help solve drainage problem in a proper way. Moreover, a rainwater recycling and treatment system is set up beneath the field, collecting rainwater to water the plants after filtering.

Zhejiang University of Technology (Pingfeng Campus) Cricket Field started construction on November 17, 2020 and passed the main structure inspection on June 30, 2021. Now the workers are busy with the decoration of the venue. The whole project is scheduled to finish in October 2021.

The indoor gymnasium will be renovated into activity centre, conference centre, and other supporting facilities for teachers and students based on the original structure after Hangzhou Asian Games.

Author:   Editor: Wang Jian
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