A Magic Photo in the 8th National Workers' Photography Exhibition
Hangzhou News   2021-07-08 15:42   Source:Hangzhoufeel

On the 8th National Workers' Photography Exhibition Competition, a photo of two workers brimmed with joy spread their smiles to the whole nation.

Mr Wu and Mrs Tang, the protagonists of the photo, came all the way to Zhejiang’s Linshui from Daliang Mountain, Sichuan Province, where villages are blighted severe poverty.

Simple and sincere, the couple are on good terms with the basic needs, even if it means a meal of rice with peppers. They are called the “happy couple”.

Initially working as a coal miner, Mr Wu is currently contributing to the construction of Jinyun Power Station. Either way, Wu has always been a manual labor. “My wife and I have never attended school. But we believe in hard work, simple life, and happy marriage.”

Believe it or not, having been married for over 30 years, they’ve never had a single fight. “I follow him wherever he goes.” Mrs Tang tells the City Express, with her eyes fixing on her husband. And not long ago, they were upgraded as grandparents.

Aging does not seem to be a problem to them. The new grandparents are competent in what they do and are the kind of workers every employer nearby wishes for.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian