Xiaoshan Memorial Hall of Jinxiao Detachment opened
Hangzhou News   2021-07-05 13:32   Source:Xiaoshan government network correspondent

On June 30th afternoon, Xiaoshan Memorial Hall of Jinxiao Detachment officially openedat Daicun Village, Daicun Town.Located at the former site of Houzheng Peasant Association, the hall covers a floor area of150 m2as a typical folk house in the south of the Yangtze River, in a layout of one courtyard and three rooms.Its exhibition content is composed of 7 plates including Jinxiao Influencial Figures, Liberation of Xiaoshanby the Bloody Battle in Nanxiang, Remember the History of Unforgettable Jinxiao,The Liberation Timetable of Xiaoshan, Jinxiao Detachment Xiaoshan Figures List, and Xiaoshan Peasant Movement Development.Among them, the first floor is for Jinxiao Detachment Memorial Hall,which tells the historical background of Jinxiao Detachment, the liberation of Xiaoshan and fightings at DaicunVillage.On the second floor,it has a concentrated display of the people and affairs with the martyr Zheng Zhenting as a representative of the Jinxiao Detachment DaicunVillage people.It is worth noting that the hall also displays the telescope, charge horn, walkie-talkie and other physical objectsonce used by JinsxiaoDetachment, as well as the reproductions of relevant weapons and equipment to re-eppear those beacon-fire years.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian