Another Batch of Characteristic Parks Is Coming Soon, Doubling the Happiness Index of Hangzhou Citizens
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-05-25 14:27   Source: Daily Business

Another batch of new parks will open or finish construction in the near future. Where are they?

The list shows The Grand Canal Asian Games Park in Gongshu District, Double Cores Park at Beitang River, Binjiang District, Lvcaizhuang Park in Xiaoshan District, Jinsha Lake Park in Qiantang District, Binshui Lvdi Park in Fuyang District, “Qin Shan Qing Yun” Incorruption Culture Park in Lin’an District, and Lake View Park in Tonglu County.

Author: XU Chenghui (Reporter)   Editor: ChengHuiyu