“Internet plus” voluntary tree planting base opens in Zhejiang
Hangzhou News   2021-03-12 14:54   Source:Tianmu News

An internet-based tree planting base on provincial level was founded on March 10 in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang province, two days ahead of this year’s Arbor Day.

The base, utilizing internet technologies, is to provide online and offline services to Zhejiang residents who are devoted to voluntary tree planting. The services include voluntary service, tree planting and tree adoption.

“In online service, citizens can accumulate virtual energy by green travel. These virtual energy will be used to water virtual trees, which will be turned into real ones and be planted in areas that are in need,” said Jiang Shuiheng, an official with Hangzhou Botanic Garden.

Built in 1956, Hangzhou Botanic Garden is a complex urban botanic garden that combines scientific research, education and leisure travel functions. The internet+ base is a new attempt to extend tree planting services to wider ranges.

In the future, the base will launch a series of activities for citizens to participate in voluntary works.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di