HZ boy went viral promoting baseball
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-03-10 16:08   Source:City Express

Which baseball player has the most douyin (tiktok Chinese version) followers?

With the account about to hit 50 thousand fans, and each video being viewed 8 million times, Xu Jiacheng, a 10-year-old boy from Hangzhou Xingzhi Primary School rose to fame by posting fun videos, which frequently feature his daily baseball training.

Although young, He has earned the MVP award in a baseball league.

Jiacheng’s abilities to catch and pitch don't just come from talent. His father, who also plays baseball excellently, played catch with Jiacheng to build his confidence.

The “father-and-son sport”has been passed down in this athletic family since Jiacheng’s grandfather. But baseball itself is niche enough in China that few people actually play.

“It's naturalfor people to engage inpopular sports.”said Xu’s father, “That’s what we do, to make baseball appealing tomore.”

Playing professional or not, the little player says he will continue to promote the game with new video contents on social media.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di