Digitization in Zhejiang: 5,000-year-old site shines with modern technology
Hangzhou News   2021-03-10 15:05   Source:Tianmu News

There is a park in Zhejiang that has a history of more than 5,000 years but is equipped with the most advanced digital system. Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City in Hangzhou is providing tourists with ancient flavor in a modernized way.

The Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu City were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list on July 6, 2019. The park was officially open to public the day after. Since its official opening, there is no ticket office at any gate of the park. This is where digitization starts to take place.

Lu Yiying, person in charge of the park, said that the park has been attaching great importance to the construction of digitization at the very beginning. “We have launched a 1.0 version applet embedded on WeChat that allowed tourists to make reservations, and one month after, the applet was upgraded to 2.0 version that could realize a 20-second check-in,” said Lu.

Tourists can check-in with QR codes or their ID cards after making appointment online. Purchasing shuttle bus tickets and renting audio guides can also be done via smart phones, in contactless ways.

Contactless check-in is only one part of digitization in the park. Signals of 5G network has covered every corner of this park and big data helps to monitor the whole site. Online exhibition are available when the park is closed.

A total of 3.5 million tourists have visited the park. During the just ended Spring Festival holiday, the park received more than 100,000 tourists in seven days, triggering capacity alarm for several times.

Through the construction of data platform and data application, the park manages data under one unified platform.

The platform gathers real time information including number of tourists, real-time tourist flow tendency and parking condition. Managing team can monitor these data with the platform and react accordingly.

It can also portrait tourists with basic information. Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces contribute the most tourists to the park. More than 50 percent of them were born between 1975 to 1995. They are more likely to travel with their families. These features will be used to utilize services.

The park will launch a 3.0 version of applet recently, covering a wider range of functions including access to livestreaming show of the site and nearby restaurants.

Author:Reporter Chen Shu'an, Ye Zhenyu; Editor Yan Yiqi  Editor:Zhang Di