Digitization in Zhejiang: smart system manages urban lighting
Hangzhou News   2021-03-05 14:41   Source:Tianmu News

Who controls the 200,000 street lamps in Hangzhou? Who decides which lamp to be lit first? Why lamps can react immediately to the change of weather?

A smart lighting management system is the answer to questions above, and the smart system is a result of digitization.  

People have IDs, so do street lamps in Hangzhou. Every street lamp is given a unique ID code, containing information including ID number, location, power and real-time operation status.

“With these ID codes, we are able to monitor the operation of every street lamp in Hangzhou. When problem is detected, we will send maintenance team out immediately,” said Chen Yingfei, an official with Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Urban Management and Law Enforcement. 

Author:Reporter Hu Yang, Sun Kun, Zhang Xiaobin; Editor Yan Yiqi  Editor:Zhang Di