She made it! HZ 68-year-old lady flies like a bird
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2021-01-12 15:02   Source:City Express

“This 68-year-old lady is 1.5 tall, weighing 43.5kg. When all of these labels are attached to a paragliding pilot, it is even harder to believe.

Ms. Pan from Hangzhou proved that the participation of gender and age in paragliding or any sports can be diversified.

On Nov 1, one month after learning how to harness the paraglider, Ms. Pan experienced the thrill of maneuvering through the sky, for the first time.

“My daughter was so worried.” Said her, “I know my age limits, so I was taking safety far more seriously than anyone.”

While excited to hear, it is not easy. Unlike jogging, the usual exercise of her, carrying heavy gear the whole day often caused muscle strain and bruises. A gear can weigh 12.5kg, about one-third of her weight.

Ms. Pan is a determined person, said often by her coach and her family.“She would even use the break to practice.”

After her husband passed away and her granddaughter was eligible for kindergarten, the once crowded house turned empty. Nevertheless, her grief and emptiness were soon replaced by relief due to the busy training of paragliding, and her big house replaced by a tiny room she rented near the training center.

She dreams to marvel at the staggering views of China everywhere, like a bird.

Author:  Editor:Zhang Di