Hangzhou cruise shortlisted for national pilot high-quality waterway passenger cruise routes
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-21 15:57   Source: Hangzhou Release

“Relishing Song Culture - Thousand-year Grand Canal and Qiantang River Joint Cruise” Route and “Gongchen Moon Inviting” Vessels jointly became the only high-quality cruise route in Hangzhou to be shortlisted for “National Pilot High-quality Waterway Passenger Cruise Routes” released by the Ministry of Transport recently. 

The cruise route stops by Wulinmen Terminal, Zhaohui Bridge, Chaowang Bridge, Desheng Bridge, Imperial wharf, Shenglihe Food Street, Fuyi Granary, Maiyu Bridge, Xiangji Temple, Dadou Road, Xiaohezhi Street, Qiaoxizhi Street, three national museums and Gongchen Bridge, until it finally returns to Wulinmen Terminal.

The cruise route well integrates the spectacular scenery of Qiantang River with the splendid culture of the Grand Canal. It provides tourists with a distinctive urban sightseeing experience and enables them to witness the daily life of local people along the Grand Canal and the spectacular surging tide of Qiantang River in a single cruise. 

Author:   Editor: Chen Junnan