Chaomingsi Alley, a rendezvous for coffee lovers
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-02-17 15:26   Source:City Express

Coffee shops in Hangzhou are gradually returning to business after the Chinese New Year's holiday. In addition to Wuliu Alley Historic Block that Hangzhoufeel has recommended previously, Chaomingsi Alley is also a place home to many good cafes that are worth your while.

Chen's Coffee

The owner could be very quiet and only communicates with his customers when they are placing orders. Chen serves some featured coffee in the store, such as ginger coffee. When you drink it in one gulp, the flavor of the coffee beans does not mingle with the ginger juice, which warms you up in the winter. The shop has been in Chaomingsi Alley for six years and is now a bean supplier to many coffee shops.

Balance coffee

Although it looks plain on the outside with its cement style decoration, you will be immediately attracted by the Barista award certificate on the wall after entering it. Guo Yan, the owner of the cafe, tends to add Cambell Tea and Eisbock to the coffee, which creates a unique taste.

Tian Cai

It is a small Japanese dessert and coffee shop. The menu is cake-based, but drinks and coffee are served. As strawberries are in season now, Tian Cai also provides strawberry cream cakes for the lovers of the fruit. The menu changes every day and there is always a great variety of cakes available. It has gradually become many young people's first choice for their birthday cakes.

No.16 Coffee

Guests are easily drawn to the decoration of a large OATLY bottle at the door before they even enter the shop. The store serves coffee with oat milk, as well as coffee with Hangzhou characteristics that comes in two flavors: West Lake Girl's oatmeal latte with lotus root starch, and Hangzhou's latte with osmanthus flowers and boiled glutinous rice balls in fermented glutinous rice.

Author:Fang Jingyi  Editor:Wang Jian