Art to bring the rebirth of Hangzhou
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Art to bring the rebirth of Hangzhou's Waitongwu village

Waitongwu village

The village of Waitongwu is located in Zhuantang Sub-district, Xihu District. Perhaps you are more familiar with its other name "Painting Waitongwu," an art village filled with the fragrance of tea.

It is frequented by students from China Academy of Art, who come to draw beautiful scenery of nature. And many artists also come here to create works devotedly. It is not an overstatement to call it an art village. In this tea village, "hoes" and "brushes" are intertwined with each other, and so are the rural charm and artistic atmosphere. They collide and spark creativity.

The Memorial Room of Historical Figures, the Museum of Life Aesthetics, Tang Style Cafe, and art studios... Here, people find the ideal way of life they aspire to. Maybe "ideal" means it is difficult to achieve, but the process of searching is good enough.

Art to bring the rebirth of Hangzhou's Meirong village

Meirong village

Situated on the northern bank of Fuchun River, Meirong Village appears in Yuan Dynasty painter Huang Gongwang's "Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains." Nowadays, there are more than 80 ancient buildings and several important historical and cultural sites protected at the county level in the village.

Tonglu County has now joined China Public Art Countryside Practice Base Alliance, and its Baiyun Village, Eshan Village and Meirong Village are already well-known art villages. Artists and research scholars from major art schools have come to the mountains and fields and created many public art works to visualize their understanding of the countryside.

In today's Meirong Village, with the fields as the stage, pieces of artworks, which are distributed in different points of the village and combined with local landscape and culture, are presented in front of people's eyes, along with the village's ancient buildings and beautiful river scenery.

In Meirong Village, the integration of idyllic poetry and painting and modern art can also be manifested through the form of exhibitions and performances, such as Tonglu Yue Opera, rural poetry and painting exhibitions, customs and folklore... These dynamic scenes have brought vitality to this small village.

Art to bring the rebirth of Hangzhou's Qingshan village

Qingshan village

Located in the north of Yuhang, Qingshan Village is surrounded by mountains on three sides and embraced by lush green bamboo forests.

It is now an eco village that blends traditional and modern trends perfectly and focuses on three themes: traditional handicrafts and cultural and creative products, nature conservation and environmental education, and eco-tourism and leisure vacation.

The gorgeous Qingshan Nature School is a nature education base jointly initiated and funded by Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation, Wanxiang Trust and The Nature Conservancy (TNC).

By using traditional Chinese rammed earth techniques, the school has realized the reuse and renovation of the abandoned primary school in the village.

Rong Design Library was transformed from the long-abandoned and collapsing Dongwu Auditorium in the village. Each brick and tile used to construct and restore the building and the wooden beams all show the warmth of the architecture.

There are a dizzying number of crafts and materials from all over the country, like a library of books waiting to be searched.

Art to bring the rebirth of Hangzhou's Louta Town

Louta Town

Louta Town is in the southern end of Xiaoshan District, at the junction of Zhuji, Fuyang and Xiaoshan. A creek named Louta Creek meanders through it.

It has rolling mountains and crystal clear water.

Nowadays, Louta has many titles such as a charming music town, an ancient town filled with the fragrance of Chinese herbal medicine, and a renowned cultural town along the Poetry Road.

Focusing on ancient towns, bridges, streams, trees and people, the town has awakened the sleeping thousand-year-old culture through aesthetics.

As the "spiritual food" necessary for the daily life of local people in Louta and also China’s national heritage, Louta Xishifan features a beautiful, melodious and ethereal ancient tune and is like a precious pearl.

Art to bring the rebirth of Hangzhou's Zhinan Village

Zhinan Village

Located by Nantiao Creek at the source of Taihu Lake in Lin'an, Zhinan Village is an ancient village with a history of thousands of years. There are a lot of ancient trees, wells, houses and trails in this age-old village...

The village is on a mountain and the houses are in a forest and people are living in a picturesque painting. A heavily colored alpine oil painting is a perfect description of the village.

Its artistic feeling is not created by people deliberately but the work of nature.

It is true that the countryside is the best place to heal the heart.

Author:  Editor:Wang Jian