David Lambert found himself drawn by almost all the charms in Hangzhou
Hangzhou News   2021-07-06 10:53   Source:Hangzhoufeel

Stories behind David Lambert's lens

"When it comes to street photography, knowing how to tell a story is key. Go for candid, unscripted moments that capture your subject's gestures as they interact. These details add emotion to your images!" the Instagram account of Canon Asian comments on a photo taken by Belgian photographer David Lambert, which was posted by the account on June 22 stating that "This image was taken during the Chinese New Year in Hangzhou, China. The two men were playing Chinese chess, and with the wet asphalt, the red decorations resulted in beautifully reflected colors."

David Lambert, carrying his Canon 77D camera, has taken roughly over 25,000 pictures of the city during his two-year stay in Hangzhou, and seen his two photo exhibitions held in the city, as reported previously by Hangzhoufeel.

The featured picture was also taken with the camera. "What I really like about the 77D is that it is not a very expensive camera, but you do have the flip-screen with the ability to focus by touching the screen, which enables me to get the camera low to the ground and focus easily on the subject," said David. The shot was taken on a rainy day when he just brought a large umbrella with him, walked through the city and looked for reflections, and his camera stays safe. The red decorations created nice reflected colors to the two men playing Chinese chess with radiations produced by the wet asphalt.

David has lived in several cities in China. In Chengdu, he focused more on street shooting. In Zhuhai, he was attracted by the landscape, and in Shenzhen, the modern architecture. But in Hangzhou, he found himself drawn by almost all the charms since the city does not only have a great history and a beautiful landscape but unique architectures that are either ancient or modern.

David is always on the road, capturing beauties of the world. He is about to leave Hangzhou in a few weeks for his next destination. People come and go, but memories linger. 

Author: Jin Yingying  Editor:Wang Jian