This Spring, Show You a New Way to View Flowers in Hangzhou
Hangzhou News   2021-03-22 16:05   Source:Urban Express

Some methods we’ve got may help you admire the beauty of oriental cherry, rape flower and China rose when you finish a fine picture with the tulips of Taiziwan Park.

Leaving the tulips in Taiziwan Park, the next stop you may choose to go to may be the Eight Diagrams Field or Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden. The major route is: to depart from Hangzhou downtown, and take buses Line 4, Line 31, Line 507H or Dahongdou Digital Tourist Route to Taiziwan Park. After finishing the visiting, you may either take the Dahongdou Digital Tourist Route again to the Eight Diagrams Field or to the Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden by Line 194 and Line 507H.

You may have a great view of the oriental cherry on the most beautiful track. The major route is: to take the metro to Lianzhuang Station, Weiye Road Station, Chengye Road Station or Jianye Road Station. Walk to the most beautiful track in Binjiang to appreciate the oriental cherry and then walk back to the metro station. Continue your journey to Shuangpu Station by metro, and transfer to Tongjianhu Park shuttle bus. Finally get to Tongjianhu. When finishing viewing the rape flowers, return by bus Line 500.

Author:Reporter HUANG Yuxuan  Editor:Zhang Di