Creative transformation of abandoned factories in HZ to watch
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2020-12-21 15:48   Source:City Express

Zhemei·Jiangti Cultural Park by the Fuchun Lake, another successful conversion of industrial infrastructure to cultural park that makes perfect settings for training, exhibition, and agricultural sightseeing, is now open to the public.

The transformation maintained much of the construction and style of the old paper mill, while adding more fresh elements that gives paper and the mill a second life.

Before it is home to the venue of 2050 Conference, an annual event that brings the world’s youths together, the venue was the industrial ruins that once produced handlebars.

Since 2019, the place has become the emblem of young blood and technology.

Location: No.26, Niushanwu, Tongjun Subdistrict, Tonglu County, Hangzhou

Cement plants: Zhijiang and Shuangliu Cement Plants

Erected in the last century, the two decaying plants have been converted into new landmarks of Hangzhou – Artinno Town and Binjiang Industrial Ruins Park.

This “Art+” centered town, Artinno Town, has become a highland of cultural creativity and design with rich cultural deposits, and is also where one of the popular movies was filmed.

Binjiang Industrial Ruins Park is the best place to observe the city scape from up high at the cylindrical-shaped plants, where Zhijiang Bridge, the“most beautiful jogging track” are laid out in front of you.

The abandoned Jiangshu Railway Track was the first railway track in Zhejiang Province. Enhanced by the surrounding green space, it has been repurposed into a Instagramable spot in Hangzhou, which is now part of the White Pagoda Park.

Author:Wu Yuehua  Editor:张翟