French Roses Unmasked by West Lake
Hangzhou News   2020-04-30 15:54   Source:City Express

The 8th Hangzhou Westlake Rose Exhibition and Guozhuang Meilland Rose Cultural Exhibition was unveiled on April 28.

Excellent species of the roses are gathering at the main display area of Guozhuang(郭庄) alongside the West Lake. Field-cultivated roses are exhibited at the Chinese rose garden of the Hangzhou Garden. Another exhibition kicked off at the Longwu Garden.

The Meilland family, from France, is a legend in the international rose breeding with over a 140-year history, Now the family owns over 1,000 protected species and 500 breed-combination brands. A large number of precious roses from the Meilland family are on display at Guozhuang. 

The exhibition will be continued until May 20. Visitors can make a reservation via the WeChat Public Platform“Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Spot(杭州西湖风景名胜区)” or “West Lake Tourism(西湖旅游)”. Free admission is only available from April 28 to May 1. 

Author:Jin Yingying  Editor:Wang Yueyun