Tonglu pioneers fully autonomous delivery across the region
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-07-08 09:25   Source: www.ehangzhou.gov.cn

At the Tonglu Courier Consolidation Center on July 4, workers loaded sorted packages into a vehicle, which then set off to its destination autonomously.

The autonomous delivery vehicle is equipped with two LiDAR sensors and 12 cameras, capable of detecting people, objects, and other vehicles within a 120-meter range. It features Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities and follows pre-tested routes strictly.

"Each autonomous delivery vehicle has a 3-cubic-meter capacity and can carry 200-300 packages per trip. It operates 24/7 between the consolidation center and various stations, addressing the issue of limited delivery capacity," explained Yan Qingyuan, head of the delivery vehicle manufacturer.

On the same day, Tonglu unveiled five intelligent connected vehicle application scenarios, including the "autonomous delivery logistics scenario." Known as the "Hometown of Private Express Delivery in China," Tonglu has a natural advantage in integrating smart connected vehicles with the courier logistics industry.

In 2023, a 133-square-kilometer area in Tonglu was designated as Hangzhou's pilot zone for road testing and application of intelligent connected vehicles, with a focus on courier logistics. This year, Tonglu plans to expand the pilot area to cover the entire county, further enriching the application scenarios for intelligent connected vehicles.

"Seven major courier companies in Tonglu are currently conducting autonomous vehicle delivery tests, leading the province. In addition to the courier logistics industry, we will also conduct tests in public transportation and industrial autonomous driving transport," stated a representative from the Tonglu county economic and information technology bureau.

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao