Bird cafes take flight in Hangzhou, offering unique feathered fun
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-07-05 15:05   Source: chinadaily.com.cn

When cat cafes are mushrooming in cities and capturing the hearts of pet lovers, a new and unique trend is taking flight: bird cafes.

Just like the regular cat cafes, these unique establishments offer a serene and cozy atmosphere where customers can interact closely with a variety of colorful and adorable birds, creating a delightful and engaging experience.

Since this year, several bird cafes have appeared in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, becoming popular spots for young people and bird enthusiasts. Inside one such cafe, known as Hangzhou Parrot Nursery, customers can be seen feeding birds from small bowls of grains and engaging in playful interactions with the feathered residents. Some birds even land on customers' shoulders and heads.

The cafe is adorned with carefully designed branches and knitted bird nests, creating a welcoming environment for both the birds and customers. It is home to a variety of bird species, including monk parakeets, macaws, and cockatiels, each with their unique habits. The birds usually start their "workday" at 11 am and retire to their cozy cages for rest at 10 pm, according to the cafe's owner, surnamed Li, who spoke to Tide News on Monday.

Li has developed a deep affection for these companions, recognizing the importance of providing them with companionship and a loving environment. Li emphasizes the strong interactive nature of parrots, dispelling the notion of them being aloof creatures. Once familiar with their human counterparts, these birds even display playful behaviors like rolling over for belly rubs.

Many customers bring their children to interact with the parrots. On weekends, the cafe sees over 50 to 60 customers sipping coffee and playing with parrots, enjoying the therapeutic effects of bonding with these lovely creatures.

Beyond being a place of leisure, the bird cafes serve as community hubs for bird enthusiasts to share experiences, exchange tips, and explore the joys of bird companionship. Customers can bring their pet birds to the store, provided they meet certain criteria, such as being raised for at least six months and having a verified health status.

However, running a bird cafe comes with challenges. The cafes prioritize hygiene and safety, ensuring that all birds undergo strict disinfection and quarantine measures. Customers are required to sanitize their hands upon entry and follow guidelines for interacting with the birds to ensure the well-being of both the birds and themselves.

Customers must be very careful not to harm the fragile creatures. If customer numbers dwindle, the cafe may cage some birds. Workers, who all have experience raising birds, clean the environment regularly, maintaining the temperature above 23 C.

Author: Quan Zhanfu  Editor: Ye Lijiao