Hangzhou Botanical Garden welcomes summer bloom of southern Magnolia
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-06-11 14:48   Source: Hangzhou China

Many of you may recall the breathtaking spring display of magnolias in Hangzhou. Magnolia amoena, Yulania sinostellata, and Yulania denudata stole the show for both locals and visitors this spring. Their departure might have left some longing for spring.

However, good news is another star from the magnolia family is taking center stage – Magnolia grandiflora, or the southern magnolia, as you might know it. These beauties are currently in full bloom at the Mulan Garden in Hangzhou Botanical Garden.

While both Yulania denudata and the southern magnolia boast stunning white blooms, they can be distinguished by their flowering time. Yulania denudata typically blooms in March, before its leaves unfurl, while the evergreen southern magnolia graces us with its blooms in May and June. The flowers of the southern magnolia are white and lotus-shaped, which is why the plant is known as “Hehua magnolia” (lotus magnolia) in China.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the southern magnolia is admired for its resilience. It thrives in hot, dry, and windy conditions, tolerating pollution and dusty weather with ease. Widely planted in the 1980s and 1990s, the majestic presence of the southern magnolia can be spotted in parks, neighborhoods, and along streets throughout Hangzhou on June 3.

But the Botanical Garden isn't just about magnolias in summer. A vibrant array of other beauties awaits, including the Persian silk tree, yucca, hydrangea, water lilies, Curcuma wenyujin, and pickerelweed. With June bustling with floral wonders, we invite all flower lovers – residents and tourists alike – to come and enjoy the botanical extravaganza at Hangzhou Botanical Garden.

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao