A bicolored water lily found at Xixi Wetlands
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-05-21 14:39   Source: Hangzhou China

A stunning bicolored water lily, in a blend of red and yellow, has quietly blossomed at Xixi Wetlands' Green Dike, captivating the attention of numerous visitors. The variety introduced to Xixi Wetlands in 2022 is named "Wanvisa", a former world champion of water lilies, is renowned for its vibrant and ever-changing hues, earning a title "the Queen of Flowers".

Aside from the wooden path along the Green Dike, waters by Meizhu Villa (on Meilin Road) as well as by the wooden walkway at Zhoujia Village are packed with a vast expanse of water lilies and various aquatic plants. This is a time, when spring is giving way to summer, that water lilies are in full flower yet lotuses are still in silence.  

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao