Cool off with a river drifting adventure
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-05-16 10:53   Source: Tide News

As temperatures rise in Hangzhou, water sports are becoming increasingly popular. Options include paddle boarding, swimming, sailing, and river drifting for thrill-seekers.

Shuangxi Rafting Tourist Spot

Located in Jingshan town, Yuhang district, Shuangxi Rafting is known as "the best rafting in East China". It offers bamboo rafting, kayak rafting, and an amusement park. Visitors can also camp and barbecue in the fresh outdoor air.

Longjing Gorge Drifting

Reopened on May 1 in Lin'an district, Longjing Gorge Drifting is popular for its 128-meter vertical drop over a distance of 3 kilometers. Visitors can engage in water fights and other fun activities in designated areas.

Sandu Cliff Drifting

As China's first cliff-based glass drifting experience, Sandu Cliff Drifting is like a thrilling water roller coaster with a 360-degree view of the canyon. An outdoor mountain park nearby will also open in June.

Prince Valley Drifting

Located in the Qiandao Lake Scenic Area, it features a 4.5-km drift through mountains and forests. Just 2 km from the Danzhu exit on the Hangzhou-Qiandao Lake Highway, it's ideal for personal driving tours.

Yalu Raft Drifting Resort

In Tonglu county, this resort offers an 8-km canyon drift with a 198-meter vertical drop. It combines majestic scenery with thrilling water adventures.

Experience the excitement and cool off with a river drifting adventure in Hangzhou.

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao