More parks to open in town for sport and leisure
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-04-28 11:41   Source: Hangzhoufeel

A recent international study suggests that spending 20 minutes a day in a park can significantly boost one's sense of happiness. Those who spend time outdoors during the day experience various physical and mental benefits, including reduced stress and mental relief.

In Hangzhou, aside from large scenic and theme parks, numerous small local parks offer residents a chance to experience nature's beauty amidst the fast-paced urban life.

A new batch of parks is set to open to the public soon. The over 5,000 square-meter park on Chuangjing Road will provide residents facilities for recreation and relaxation. Pocket parks near Yongfu Metro Station, Yuhu Park, and Phase III of Zhuantang Art Park will offer opportunities for sports, fitness, and leisure activities. Sandu Mountain Sports Park in Longgang Town, Lin'an District, scheduled to start trial operations in June, will be an excellent option for outdoor sports.

According to a municipal plan, by 2035, the total length of greenways in Hangzhou will exceed 5,000 kilometers, with over 300 new community parks, and the per-capita park green space will reach 17 square meters.

Author: Fang Jingyi  Editor: Ye Lijiao