"Tidal Dragon" captured in Qiantang River goes viral
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-03-14 14:27   Source: Tide News

In a remarkable showcase of nature's artistry, Liu Mingyong, a photographer from Haining, Zhejiang, has captured the internet's attention with his short video featuring the "Tidal Dragon" of the Qiantang River. The video portrays the river's tides rushing into tree-like channels, creating the illusion of a "fully revived" dragon moving across the vast tidal flats. This "Tidal Tree", a distinctive sedimentary geomorphology developed on tidal flats, predominantly found in the coastal intertidal zones, owes its formation to tidal forces. Viewed from above, these tidal channels resemble giant trees growing on the tidal flats, with their trunks facing the sea and crowns towards the land, hence dubbed "Tidal Trees". This natural spectacle has mesmerized viewers worldwide, highlighting the beauty and power of nature's phenomena.

Author: Reporter Shi Wen  Editor: Ye Lijiao