6 best spots to view plum blossoms
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The plum blossom, a quintessence of traditional Chinese culture, is akin to a precious gem. "You can't mistake them for snow mass from far, for a subtle fragrance keeps coming forth." With mere strokes of ink, poets immortalize the pure soul of these flowers.

Herein lies a guide to where the flowers are in their prime.

Qianwang Temple 钱王祠

Against the backdrop of Qianwang Temple's ancient vermilion walls looms a beautiful scenery that attracts many tourists to take photos.

Their palette shifts from gentle yellow to sophisticated purple to pristine white. Petals, whether single or double, waxen or butterfly-like, offer a visual feast of rich and graceful beauty. Against the deep red walls, the plum blossoms exude a unique luster.

Ticket Price: 15 yuan

Xixi Wetlands 西溪湿地

This is a haven for admiring plum blossoms. A diverse array of plums embellishes the Meizhu leisure area and Meilin Road. The best spots for plum blossom viewing are at Meizhu Mountain Villa in Meizhu Leisure Area and West Lake Plum Villa.

The green-calyx plums, a rare sight, flourishing by the streams, resemble snow when viewed up close and jade from a distance.

Ticket Price: Adult ticket 80 yuan

Gushan 孤山

The pristine largest island on West Lake is known for its plum blossoms, particularly around Bai Causeway.

The flowers bloom at different times, sometimes extending the viewing period to nearly three months.

The places worth your time are the plum trees cluster along the lakeside to the rear of the mountain, especially near Fanghe Pavilion, the Lu Xun sculpture, and the Zhongshan Memorial Pavilion, where roughly 300 plum trees stand in floral splendor.

Ticket Price: Free

Hangzhou Botanical Garden 杭州植物园

Over 40 types of wintersweet, totaling more than 1200 clusters have already burst forth in quiet blooms at Hangzhou Botanical Garden's Qingzhiwu. It offers an enchanting and intoxicating journey as one takes in the sights along the way.

Ticket Price: Adult ticket 10 yuan

Chaoshan 超山

Chaoshan enjoys an esteemed reputation as one of the three great plum blossom viewing sanctuaries in the Jiangnan region, and its blossoms renowned for its "antiquity, diversity, and uniqueness", boasts over 50,000 plum blossoms of more than 40 varieties within the scenic area.

The rare six-petaled plums, a deviation from the usual five-petaled variety, are particularly emblematic of Chaoshan's distinctive flora.

Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00 (Ticket sales stop at 16:30)

Ticket Price: Adult ticket 50 yuan

Xianghu 湘湖

The red plum and Gongfen plum are notably prevalent here, with their pink petals and thick bunches adding to the area's allure.

During the peak blooming season, the west flank of Hushan Square, the environs of Pingyuan Pavilion, and the Meishan zone are all enveloped in the sweet aroma of plum blossoms.

Ticket Price: Free

Author: Xu Yaqi Qiu Yueyue  Editor: Ye Lijiao