Six Free C ars Waiting for Tourists to Hangzhou D uring the Spring Festival
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Photo by  Zh  i  bing  ZHANG

When the  auspicious  dragon raises its head, e  verything  starts  anew.  When the spring dragon raises its head, good luck strikes you.

On 9  th  February, Hangzhou launched its “  cultural tourism boosts  consumption ”   campaign “  Song-Flavor Spring Festival in Hangzhou , Free Gifts for the Chinese New Year ”. 11 , 106 free gifts, including six free cars, 100 free domestic air tickets to Hangzhou, 1,000 free hotel  voucher  s, 10,000  Hangzhou  M  etropolitan  Circle C  ultural  Tourism C  ard  s are waiting for tourists from around the world.

How to enjoy yourself  in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival?  More than 270 activities of  Song-Flavor Spring Festival in Hangzhou  will surprise you, including  the  Free Spring Festival Couplets Fair,  Spring Festival Shopping and Customs Festival,  L  antern  F  air,  all kinds of  exhibitions and performances,  intangible cultural heritage fair  s, lectures, and salons, etc.  East to Qiantang, north to Yuhang, west to Chun ’  an, south to Jiande, no matter where  you  plan to spend  the  Spring Festival holiday in Hangzhou,  you  can experience the pure  st  Song-Flavor Spring Festival in Hangzhou.

Author:   Editor: Zheng Haiyun