Enjoying Dragon Lantern in Xixi and Celebrating New Year by Plum Exploration
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-02-08 14:28   Source: hangzhou.com.cn


On 7th February, there are nearly 20,000 plum trees of all kinds blooming in the sunny Xixi National Wetland Park after the snow, the “one-hundred-zhang dragon lantern” running zigzag in the slow life block and thousands of exquisitely carved festive lanterns adorning the Fudi Causeway, all of which create the flourishing scene where “the dragon soaring in the prosperous age heralds a new year of good luck, and the spring fills the Xixi with colorful decorations”. According to reports, the 2024 Chinese New Year’s Plum Festival & Lantern Show in Xixi, Hangzhou will be held from 10th February to 17th March. The advantaged wetland scenery and dozens of well-organized activities will allow you to have a peaceful and happy new year by exploring the plum blossoms and experiencing the traditional customs.

Author: Text by Yiyan WANG Photography by Zhong LI  Editor: Zheng Haiyun