Conductor Lawrence Renes joins forces with violinist Lyu Siqing for grand performance
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Dutch-Maltese conductor Lawrence Renes teams up with internationally-acclaimed violinist Lyu Siqing to deliver a fantastic performance. [Photo/hangzhou.com.cn]

The Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra concluded the second concert commemorating the 200th anniversary of Bruckner's birth at the Hangzhou Grand Theatre Opera House on Feb 3.

Dutch-Maltese conductor Lawrence Renes teamed up with internationally-acclaimed violinist Lyu Siqing to deliver a fantastic performance featuring compositions by Bruckner and Bruch.

During the live concert, Lyu, as always, displayed unrivaled elegance. With the gentle roll of the timpani, he took audiences on a dazzling journey with his violin which was subtle yet powerful.

The Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra. [Photo/hangzhou.com.cn]

Renes collaborated with the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra for the first time. In the first half of the concert, Bruch's violin concerto displayed intricate details, while the second half featured Bruckner's symphony, which was rich and majestic. The orchestra's adaptability and comprehension skills provided Renes with ample space for artistic freedom in melodic arrangements.

As the second conductor for the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra's 2024 Bruckner Project, Renes, although not of German-Austrian descent, is highly acclaimed in the industry for his performances of Mahler, Bruckner, and Wagner symphonies.

During the performance, as Bruckner's melodies echoed through the hall, Renes' conducting style shifted from the gentleness of the first half to the strength and forcefulness of the second half. When he turned to face the audience after leading the orchestra to the final note, the thunderous applause served as the most fitting tribute to his genius.

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao