Hangzhou sees 65 new parks in 2023
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-01-12 10:50   Source: www.ehangzhou.gov.cn

A bird's-eye view of the Linqiao Lane Park in Binjiang district. [Photo/WeChat account: hzghhzrzy]

Hangzhou celebrated the introduction of 65 new parks to its urban landscape in 2023, including 55 newly-constructed parks and 10 revamped ones, leading to a total increase of 122 hectares in park greenery.

The city's development of parks focused on tailoring green spaces to the unique natural, historical, and cultural resources of each district. Notable examples include Guanshan Park in Yuhang district, which cleverly integrates the mountainous terrain near the city's entrance, creating scenic hiking trails and recreational spaces. Gongshu district's Hangzhou Steel Plant Ruins Park and Binjiang district's Ruquan Park utilize industrial remnants and historical allusions to preserve urban memories.

Hangzhou's park development strategy focuses on conservation, utilizing both above-ground and underground spaces to enhance service facilities and address shortcomings. For instance, the Linqiao Lane Park in Binjiang district focused on building an orange-and-blue elevated pedestrian pathway, significantly increasing spatial efficiency. Similarly, Qingfeng Road Park in Xiaoshan district not only features sporting facilities like basketball courts and running tracks but also includes an underground parking facility with 370 parking spaces, making parking easier for nearby residents and providing convenience for park visitors.

The 2024 Hangzhou Urban Park Construction Project List is currently being refined. Moving forward, Hangzhou is committed to prioritizing the construction of versatile parks accessible to all age groups.

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao