Asian Games venues at Qianjiang Century City opens at good rates
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-01-12 10:17   Source: Hangzhou China

A giant structure in the shape of "yu-cong" (Jade Cong) of Liangzhu Culture erected beside Qiantang River. It is called Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Training Hall, the sports venue for basketball, wrestling and volleyball competitions during Hangzhou Asian Games. In a post-Games era, how to open it in a fashion favoring the general public? 

Good news. Courts or gyms for ping pong, basketball and badminton in the training hall have officially open to the public. 

The ping pong gym is located on the B1 floor. Under the theme of "Happy Ping Pong," it offers children and adult players a cozy facility. The basketball courts are on the third floor. There are four courts equipped with spectators' stands and high-specification hardware systems, including the video capture system. 

The badminton courts are on the second floor. There are four theme sections of Women's Court, Forest Court, Children's Court and VIP Court. 

A mini-app has been launched for the public to book ping pong, badminton and basketball courts. Players can follow the WeChat account of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, and click AT service, and then court reservation to make a booking. 

The opening represents a solid step forward by Qianjiang Century City to make use of the Games legacy for the people. It also laid a solid foundation for Qianjiang Century City to build it into a core zone for world-class competitions. In a post-Games era, the training hall will inject new vitality to regional fashion culture by opening to the general public, offering a venue for youth training, and hosting large-scale professional games. 

Revolving around the sports venues, Qianjiang Century City will work to boost sports economy and attract businesses and institutions to build up presence in the region. It will devote great energy to foster the business ecosystem for post-Games sports economy integrating sports economy, art performing economy and experience economy. 

In the future, Qianjiang Century City will continue to attract restaurant brands and businesses in sports and entertainment sectors. First-store economy will be a priority. For example, it will bring in the first store of Party Day in east China and build it into the largest indoor sports and entertainment venue in Hangzhou. Haoyue Xingqing Live House will have its first store in east China opened in Qianjiang Century City, injecting vitality into regional nighttime economy. Cooperation with upmarket cinemas is in negotiations. 

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao