Hangzhou's urban renewal: 'pocket parks' transforming cityscapes and lives
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2024-01-04 10:33   Source: Tide News

Hangzhou's cityscape is experiencing a delightful transformation with the increasing presence of "pocket parks" (refers to a public green space that is open to the public, small in scale, varied in shape, and equipped with recreational facilities). These parks, appearing in every nook and cranny, not only beautify the urban environment but also contribute significantly to the happiness of the residents.

Recently, an underutilized space beneath the Zhonghe Overpass and Changyun Road intersection has become a popular spot for fitness and leisure among the locals. Previously a barren wasteland, the area has been revitalized into a 1,700 square meter sports park. It features a basketball court, a badminton court, three table tennis tables, seven second-generation fitness equipment areas, and designated zones for children's play and senior leisure. The park is open to the public for free on weekdays.

Wang Shenyu, a social worker from Zhejiang University's Yubi Community, said, "The sports park is part of our future community development. We've integrated digital elements, such as a digital running companion wall, which animates a digital figure running alongside the joggers."

Mr. Yi, a nearby resident, expressed his excitement: "I live close by and have been eagerly anticipating its completion. Since its opening, I come here daily to play table tennis."

Ms. Dong, holding her child, happily stated that the park has become a perfect new spot for her family's outings.

Author: Reporter Ding Yige; Zhang Di  Editor: Ye Lijiao