Autumn climbs mountains in Zhinan village
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-11-02 15:25   Source: www.ehangzhou.gov.cn

The 2023 Zhinan Mountain Red Leaf Festival kicked off in Zhinan village, Taihuyuan town, Lin'an district, featuring a spectacle of terraced fields adorned with fish lanterns, a red-leaf gourmet festival, hanfu and qipao fashion shows, and a celebration of the rice harvest.

Zhinan village, with a history spanning over 2,000 years, sits in a mountainous area at an altitude of nearly 600 meters, boasting a forest coverage rate of over 93 percent. It has been hailed as the "most beautiful ancient village in East China".

Each year, from late October to the end of November, the colorful mountains and golden rice fields converge in Zhinan, painting an autumnal landscape akin to an oil painting, drawing visitors from all over looking to witness the natural spectacle.

Author:   Editor: 叶丽姣