Hangzhou working on smooth traffic with 9 roads upgraded
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-08-22 18:26   Source: hangzhou2022.cn

Last month, Hangzhou successfully completed road reinforcement on Zijingang North Road, one of the commuting routes for the Hangzhou Asian Games. The repair covered an area of 34,000 square metres for motorised vehicles and 7,600 square metres for non-motorised vehicles.

This year, Hangzhou embarked on a comprehensive road reinforcement project for nine roads (sections), encompassing roads such as Qiutao Road, Yongjiang Road, Shiqiao Road in Shangcheng District, Chatang Road, Pingshui East Street, Dongjiao Road in Gongshu District, and Zijingang North Road, Fengtan Road, and Lianhua Street in Xihu District. The entire project spanned three months and has been successfully completed. 

"By reinforcing the roads, we have made the road surface and vehicle traffic smoother and reduced noise pollution in a bid to ensure the successful holding of the Hangzhou Asian Games." Chen Jie, a person in charge of the Engineering Department, Municipal Administrative Centre of the Hangzhou Urban Management Bureau, stated.

Ma Qun, Section Chief of the Municipal Administration Department of Xihu District Urban Management Bureau, highlighted the meticulousness of the road reinforcement process on Zijingang North Road. The use of rulers in measuring flatness resulted in a maximum gap of just 1.44 millimetres. Moreover, the difference between underground well frames and road surfaces remained below two millimetres, adhering to the standards set for Asian Games commuting roads.

By the end of last year, Hangzhou had repaired 179 roads (sections) and reinforced 46 roads (sections). It has repaired and reinforced nine roads (sections) recently.

Chen Jie said, "As we move into the phase of ensuring a sustained road quality for the Hangzhou Asian Games, we will intensify our daily inspections and patrols. Once any signs of road damage or sinking are identified, prompt maintenance and repair will be conducted to ensure the road remains smooth and unobstructed."

Author: Text by Li Jiameng  Editor: Ye Lijiao