Fall in Love with Hangzhou in a Heartbeat
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-06-05 11:17   Source: Hangzhou China

The 2023 China International Online Literature Week is well underway. On May 29, more than 100 delegates, including famous writers, researchers, and experts in the online literature field, experienced Hangzhou's millennial charm and its achievements in pursuing common prosperity. The tour to the Deshou Palace, the Hangzhou Branch of the China National Archives of Publications and Culture, the Liangzhu Museum, Dream Town, Alibaba Group, and Jingshan Village showcased the very best of Hangzhou and China.

Guan Pingchao, an accomplished martial arts novelist, vice chair of the Zhejiang Online Writers Association, and vice chair of the Hangzhou Online Writers Association, snapped many photos of the cultural artifacts at the Deshou Palace. The ruins of the Southern Song Dynasty lent him much inspiration. He has decided to describe the cross-shaped bricks and scenes in the Chonghua Hall vividly in the upcoming chapters of "The Crazy Immortal."

The unique architecture of the Liangzhu Museum fascinated the whole delegation. Professor Zhou Xingjie from the School of Literature at the Guizhou University of Finance and Economics was thrilled. "I've long waited to see it! The vibrant river and the elegant museum are photogenic. It's a harmony between art and nature, between history and modernity. The ruins of the Liangzhu Ancient City are sacred and solid evidence of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. I could not be prouder of our profound cultural roots when I saw the jade, stoneware, potteries, lacquerware, and other precious relics."

Dream Town was wowed by many delegates, as was the Hangzhou Branch of the China National Archives of Publications and Culture. Nobody denied that the view from its main library brought one back to the scenery in Travelers Among Mountains and Streams, a painting about 1,000 years ago. According to Zhao Kehong, a member of the National Committee of the China Writers Association, Hangzhou has lots of merits to admire. Innovation is encouraged, dreams could come true, and businesses nurtured by effective policies brought job opportunities and economic benefits to the city. Hangzhou is home to many celebrity writers, strong IPs, and major productions. Such a success needs to be studied and copied.

At Jingshan Village, the epitome of the National Beautiful and Liveable Environment Initiative, the delegation filmed the tea ceremony with their mobile phones and then tried it themselves. Tadu Literature's Wang Wentao felt the beauty of the Song Dynasty in the rituals and techniques.

"One day is not enough!" The delegation was amazed by the cultural vibe in this legendary city. Chen Hao, head of Banbijiang, best put it: "Hangzhou is the best illustration of the theme of the 2023 China International Online Literature Week: Colorful Asia, Wonderful World. We see the glorious past, and we see the bright future. What an incredible place!"

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao