Hangzhou rated as Nat'l Excellent Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-06-01 17:31   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

The On-site Meeting of China Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area was held on May 31, and released the Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Area Assessment & Evaluation Results 2022. Ten excellent cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot areas including Hangzhou were selected.

This is closely associated with the efforts made by Hangzhou in the field of cross-border e-commerce. In the past eight years, as the first cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot area of China, Hangzhou has formed 46 system innovation cases in eight aspects, and expanded the cross-border e-commerce import & export scale from 120 million yuan to more than 120 billion yuan, with an increase of over 1,000 times. The number of cross-border e-commerce enterprises is increased from above 200 to about 55,000, with a growth of 275 times, which covers 2/3 of cross-border e-commerce platforms all over the country. The cross-border payment institutions in Hangzhou serve 1.5 million sellers throughout the country, occupying 70% of China’s total cross-border payment transaction amount.  In two national comprehensive pilot area assessments, Hangzhou was included in the first class.


Author: Text by Ye Lijiao  Editor: Ye Lijiao