Mandarin ducks in Hangzhou embrace mating season
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-03-01 15:53   Source: Tide News

As spring is just around the corner, mandarin ducks in Hangzhou's West Lake scenic area have entered mating season. The males have turned on bright ploumage to attract females. 

The first batch of new-borns are expected to meet the public in April, and visitors will be able to see groups of small fluffy animals playing in the lake.

Hangzhou has lately been focusing on the protection of wild animals in West Lake. Back in 2018, experts from the Hangzhou Society of Birds and Ecology, Zhejiang Wild Bird Society and the National Bird Tracking Center fitted six mandarin ducks in West Lake with bird bandings and Beidou satellite trackers.

Author: Reporter Yang Xiaoxuan  Editor: Ye Lijiao