Couples to marry increase in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2023-02-08 18:10   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

According to the data of 2022 Hangzhou marriage registration released by Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, the city’s marriage registration was increased by 5,488, up 9.2% year on year, the highest in the past four years, while the divorce registration was increased by 2.5% year on year. 

The average age for the first marriage was 28.8 for male and 27.5 for female, 0.3 and 0.4 years later than those in 2021 respectively. The average age for the marriage registration was 31.7 for male and 30 for female, which was on a par with those in 2021. However, 25 to 29 years old remained the main age group of marriage registration. 

Since the implementation of unified handling of marriage registration procedures throughout the province, the number of cross-regional marriage registrations has been increased year by year, with marriage registration in 2022 increased by 8.4% year on year, indicating more simplified procedures for marriage registration for people who were working or starting business in Hangzhou. 

In 2022, the average age for divorce was 40.9 for male and 38.5 for female respectively. According to the regulations implemented on January 1, 2021, the mandate cooling period before the divorce was also conducive to a lower divorce rate to some extent. The data showed that Hangzhou handled a total of 25,465 divorce applications and 17,027 divorce registrations in 2022. Fifty-four couples have withdrawn the divorce application during the cooling period and 7,268 couples have not yet handled the divorce procedure after the cooling period. 

Most divorces occur at the marriage age of 6-15 years, which accounts for 45% of total divorces. Couples with marriage age of 6-15 years are prone to dull and boring feeling and are susceptible to conflicts, as the wives focus more on the children and the husbands feel being neglected at home and stressed at work. Therefore, taking care of emotions of family members is very important and shall be persisted throughout the marriage life. 

Author: Text by Ye Lijiao  Editor: Ye Lijiao