Foreigners and overseas Chinese record Hangzhou with lens
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As Hangzhou Citizens' Photography Festival is in progress, many foreigners and overseas Chinese living in Hangzhou participate in the festival by contributing photos capturing beautiful scenery of Hangzhou with their lens. 

Tan Hung Heng , an Australian photographer, has been engaged in photography for more than 30 years. He has travelled around China and recorded many Chinese ethnic villages and landscapes with his lens. He can speak Mandarin and some dialects and is keen on experiencing Chinese tea, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional crafts. He came to the West Lake in Hangzhou in 2016. Inspired by the unique beauty of Hangzhou scenery, he started to try a new way of photographing. His works are a combination of western and Chinese techniques of "painting with light" and have won many awards. As Hangzhou is going to stage the Asian Games next year, he hopes to establish an outdoor gallery along the West Lake to make more foreign athletes and international tourists appreciate the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou. 

Tan's Album "My Photographic Impression of the West Lake"

South Africa-based Photographer Nardus Smith is very popular in overseas social media and is an English teacher in an international school in Hangzhou. He says that Hangzhou is his favorite city, because he can see the perfect integration of traditional streets and modern architecture in the city. His works have ever been selected for display at Sino-France Photography Tour Exhibition. His works about the competition venues of the Asian Games have the special topic tags on the overseas social account of Hangzhou Asian Games. 

Aerial Photograph of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center by Nardus

Jixian Pavilion Photographed by Nardus 

Chenghuang Pavilion in Snow Photographed by Nardus 

Overseas Chinese Zhang Fan and his wife love photography. They were both born in Hangzhou, migrated to Auckland in New Zealand in 2012 and returned to their native place in 2020. They record their slow life in the city with their lens. Their works are lively and refreshing and are imbued with their attachment for their hometown. 

Red Maple Photographed by Zhang Fan 

For them, photography has been a way to record their lives in Hangzhou, and the window for showcasing the beauty of the city. They have added eye-catching international elements into this year’s Hangzhou Citizens’ Photography Festival. 

Author: Ye Lijiao  Editor: Ye Lijiao