Deshou Palace Ruins Museum will be open to the public soon
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-15 16:31   Source: City Express

Hangzhou Southern Song Dynasty Deshou Place Ruins Museum will be officially open to the public for free in middle and late November. 

Hangzhou used to be the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. As one of the imperial palace ruins of the Southern Song Dynasty, Deshou Palace was the dwelling place of several emperors, empresses and imperial concubines, with profound deposit of elegant Song culture.

The newly-built museum will include 5 theme exhibition areas that mainly display the furnishings of the restored palace, the history and culture of the Southern Song Dynasty and the latest archaeological results and introduce the culture of the Southern Song Dynasty from the respects of economy, culture and science. 

In addition to the red wall which has gone viral and become a popular photography site, there are also characteristic lanes lined with food stalls in the surrounding area of the palace to meet tourists' needs. 

Author: Text by Pan Zhuoying  Editor: Ye Lijiao