Outstanding young players selected through squash matches in Hangzhou
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-11 15:48   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

The recent 2022 Huanglong Cup Teenage Squash Match held in Hangzhou Olympic Sports Centre Squash Court has attracted over 100 outstanding teenage players. The winners have the opportunity to join Hangzhou Squash Team next year. 

As one of the official competition events of Hangzhou Asian Games, squash has become increasingly known and favored by the public due to the promotion of the events of the Asian Games, because it is simply to learn and can be played alone. 

Hangzhou Squash Team ranks among the top in China and has good performance in various matches. Under the leadership of outstanding coaches, the young players will certainly improve their skills and make due contributions to the development of the squash. 

Author: Text by Wang Zhenkai  Editor: Ye Lijiao