Go for H'art Week to unlock diverse possibilities
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-10 11:10   Source: Hangzhoufeel

The 15th Hangzhou Art Fair & H'art Week will be held from Nov 17 to 21 in Xiaohe Park, which also marks the first exhibition to be held after the park's opening.

Xiaohe Park is designed by the renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The park's sunken semi-open-air plaza, three warehouses and five oil tanks will be set as the exhibition sites.

One of the highlights of this H'Art Week is digital art. Well-known digital art IPs at home and abroad will be exhibited at Art Week, including the Bored Ape that will land in Hangzhou for the first time. Bored Ape Yacht Club consisting of 10,000 apes with each bearing its own characteristics, is arguably the world's most popular digital artwork project.

On top of that, 571 Art Space will create the "Flower Young", a space of flowers and sculptures. The Korean artist Byun Se-hee, the Taiwanese artist Lin Yanliang, the Japanese artist Norizo Painter, the Canadian artist Zachary Ochoa, the New York artist Natalie Terenzini among others will participate in the design.

H'art Week covers nearly all art categories, including a large number of works by young artists, enabling the visitors to enjoy calligraphy and painting, oil painting, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture to video, installation, art IP, metaverse art, digital collections and other artworks on site.

In this art week, teachers and students of the China Academy of Art will jointly create the "Tribute to the Classics - Joint Exhibition of the Works of Young Chinese Painting Artists". More than 80 professional art institutions, including Hangzhou Fine Art Academy, together with their young artists, will bring exhibitions of different types of works such as Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture on site.

While visiting art exhibitions, you'll feel free to enjoy shopping at markets and participating in art events. "O! ART! The Orange Persimmon Art Market" covers more than ten types of products such as painting, illustration, trendy play, coffee, fragrance, etc., to provide panoramic experiences.

Author: Fang Jingyi  Editor: Ye Lijiao