Hangzhou sports events to be staged
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-08 16:19   Source: hangzhou2022.cn

The sports atmosphere of Hangzhou Asian Games becomes stronger and stronger. The sports event will also be staged one after another. A variety of sports events will meet the sports demands of different citizens.

On November 19, the Fourth "Huanglong Cup · National Fitness" Winter Swimming Competition 2022 will be held in Huanglong Swimming & Diving Centre. All the swimming associations, clubs and individuals in Zhejiang can participate in the event. The athletes can hold the second-generation ID card to register for free via Dynastic Huanglong Applet. The relevant requirements may be viewed through the Wechat Official Account of Huanglong Sports Centre.

The registration of Hangzhou Marathon was launched again at 20:30 on November 4. The runners may log in to the official website (www.hzim.org) for registration, and the deadline was 20:30 on November 6.

On November 5, the Third Dianhun Cup Zhisheng Mind Sports Industry Expo, the Third Xinyada Zhisheng Mind Sports Games, and the First Weile Cup Mind Sports Games Hangzhou were splendidly held in the International Exchange Centre of HANGZHOU BRANCH OF CHINA QI-YUAN as the chess & card competition venue of the Asian Games. The event covers five competition events of Hangzhou Asian Games, such as go, Xiangqi, chess, bridge and esports. It also includes programming, modeling, memory, sudoku, poker, mahjong and other emerging mind sports.

In addition, Mahjong International League and HANGZHOU BRANCH OF CHINA QI-YUAN have jointly established Mahjong Technical Rating Centre and Mahjong Competition Training Centre, and released Mahjong Technical Rating Management Measures and Opinions on the Implementation of Promoting the Standardization Construction of Mahjong Event System. Mahjong enthusiasts can register as mahjong players, and continuously carry out grading and upgrading through various competitions to improve their skills.  

Author:   Editor: Ye Lijiao