Xihu District has built 140 embedded sports facilities this year
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-04 17:42   Source: hangzhou2022.cn

Xihu District of Hangzhou has fully used corners of buildings, built 140 embedded sports facilities with perfect functions, and actively created the "10-minute fitness circle", so that citizens have a place for fitness to double their happiness.

Zhongdian Wangu Industrial Park of Xihu District has renovated the old business areas and buildings earlier to combine sports with commerce. There are many young people in the office buildings and surrounding communities. The sky court emerges in order to make them enjoy sports with no need to go out.

Maoyan Cultural & Creative Park is reasonably planned based on the cultural and creative background, providing the sports park with an integration of sports, leisure and recreation. The newly-built embedded stadium covers badminton, boxing, basketball, etc., able to meet the multi-level requirements of young people.

In addition, the stadiums have introduced cloud computing, Internet of Things, and other modern information technologies, as well as independently developed systems and intelligent management systems, to implement the client end operation and internal venue management. The intelligent system can improve the utilization rate of the venue, save the labor cost and facilitate the citizens' sports travel.

Author: Text by Yan Jiawei  Editor: Ye Lijiao