Scientists are also enthusiasts of sports
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-04 17:41   Source: Hangzhou Daily

At DAMO Academy Young Fellow Awarding Ceremony 2022 held in Hangzhou yesterday, 15 young scientists were conferred medals and each obtained the reward of 1 million yuan.

The young scientists with an average age of only 33 share a common sports hobby which has been a magic way for them to draw inspiration from scientific research. 

Bai Rui, an associate research fellow from West Lake University, is known as the "editor of gene" and has brought new thoughts on the study of genetic diseases and mechanisms of cancer to the world. She has developed the sports habit before research every morning. Zhou Yang, a research fellow from Fudan University, will go hiking whenever he encounters bottleneck in mathematical study in order to find a solution to the problem from soothing nature. Jiang Yizhou, the associate chief physician of Breast Surgery of Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, likes jogging and swimming. Yang Shu, a research fellow of Zhejiang University Hundred-Talent Program, used to be a national second-rank table tennis athlete and remains the sports habit after he devoted himself to scientific research. 

Besides the above young scientists, many world famous scholars are also enthusiasts of sports. Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, used to swim every day. Einstein had the daily habit of walking 5 km, while Madame Curie would cycle 12 km every week.

They all believe that sports and scientific research kind of overlap in function. Sports enable them to maintain a clear mind, stay focused, keep forging ahead and build up will power while doing researches. And this justifies their success. 

Author: Text by Liu Yongli  Editor: Ye Lijiao