The fiber exhibition showcases the art of life
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-11-02 16:08   Source: Hangzhou Daily

The 4th Triennial Exhibition of Hangzhou Fiber Art is held in Zhejiang Art Museum from October 18 to December 4. With the most commonly used textiles as the materials, the artists reshaped the fibers of towels, hemp ropes, woolen yarns, copper wires and other daily articles through creative designs to convey the contemporary thoughts. 

Different audiences have different interpretations of the various modes of exhibition, but all of them are deeply impressed by the true feeling behind the artworks. Due to the unique designs, the exhibition of art, which is supposed to be unpopular, has gone viral online, indicating that people’s acceptability of art forms is evolving with the times. 

Author: Text by Ding Yijie Photo by Ding Yijie  Editor: Ye Lijiao