Over a hundred mandarin ducks settle down at the West Lake
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-27 15:08   Source: Hangzhou Daily

As the temperature continued to drop with the first rainfall in autumn yesterday, Lu Jianli, a volunteer for attending mandarin ducks at the West Lake, found that over a hundred mandarin ducks from North China had gathered at a relatively secluded water area around Yanggong Causeway where they intended to spend the cold winter.

According to Lu Jianli who has observed mandarin ducks at the West Lake for six years, the number of mandarin ducks migrating to the West Lake for wintering hits a record high this year. This indicates that the water environment of the West Lake has been improved and become more habitable as a result of strengthened efforts in ecological conservation in the past two years. 

Author: Text by Song Yun Yu Xiwen  Editor: Ye Lijiao