A poetic world with flowering reeds in Hangzhou
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North Lake Grass Swamp

Autumn wind brings us a dreamy "snowy scene". Undulating white reed flowers in some areas of Hangzhou's Yuhang district look like snowflakes shimmering in the breeze. In about a month's time, the white and swaying reed flowers would be the in-season scenery.

The fascinating scene of reeds attracts tens of thousands of tourists every autumn. Here are some recommended spots to enjoy the view.

North Lake Grass Swamp

The most spectacular reed field in Yuhang is at the North Lake Grass Swamp in Pingyao town. The Tiaoxi Creek, wandering through the town, is actually named after the reed flower, which grows prosperously on the bank.

Covering an area of nearly 20,000 mu (1,333 hectares), the grass swamp is made up of puddle meadows, ponds, reeds, and other wetland environments.

This place is also the habitat of a large number of rare migratory birds. At this time of year, they will arrive in for winter, including mallards, egrets and even gray swans.

Luniao Town

Reeds are not hard to find in Luniao. They are usually swaying by the streams. One of them is the large reed field near the Hilton Garden Inn Hangzhou Lu'niao.

To name one of the most beautiful viewing spots in the town, the reeds near Wanshiwan are recommended. Located at the corner of Siling Reservoir, there is a platform for paddling and a camping lawn on one side of the bridge, while patches of reeds are grown on the other.

Several ecological landscape viewing greenways are built in cormorant habitats, and one of them is also located near Wanshiwan. With the blue sky reflecting the water of Luniao Creek and the reeds along the shoreline, they are great choices for weekend hiking.

Nanhu Lake

The Nanhu Lake in Yuhang subdistrict owns a water area of about 4.7 square kilometers. When breeze sweeps over the lake, the reeds are moving slowly in the soft wind.

Xixi Wetland

In late autumn, more than 300 mu (20 hectares) of white reeds catkins in the Xixi Wetland renders a "snowy view".

You might also listen carefully, as the just opened yearly "Listening to the Reed" Fair of Xixi indicates, when wind makes a wonderful sound among the flowering reeds. The boat tour enables visitors to take a journey through the ponds full of reeds.

Author: Jin Yingying  Editor: Ye Lijiao