Cloud Town brings immersive experience of intelligent technologies
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-26 15:33   Source: Daily Business

With the theme of “computing, drives and future”, Apsara Conference will be held at Cloud Town in Hangzhou on November 3-5. The conference will arrange two main forums, more than 60 summits and minor forums, and will provide panoramic science and technology exhibition in three major exhibition halls. 

The forums will invite domestic famous scholars and academicians to deliver speeches and introduce the latest achievements of scientific researches, including software, chips and smart vehicles. Regardless professionals or common people, audiences can feel the changes that are brought by the technology to the people’s life. 

The science & technology exhibition offers cloud computing, digitization, automatic driving and robot theme exhibitions with a total of more than 1,000 new products on display. The most impressive products include the digital technology for restoring Daming Palace developed by XR laboratory of Alibaba DAMO Academy, and Hangzhou urban brain screen. 

The activity promotes the academic exchanges among experts of various industries and encourages more people to participate in scientific & technological innovation and popularization. 

Author: Text by Wang Binbin  Editor: Ye Lijiao