Lu Xun and Han Paintings Exhibition was held in Hangzhou Public Library
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-24 16:30   Source: Daily Business

Scene of Exhibition of Han Paintings Collected by Lu Xun

As one of the leaders of the New Culture Movement in contemporary China, Lu Xun has inspired generations of youths with his literary works. Besides, his contribution to stone carvings and rubbings by Han people has also promoted the inheritance and development of Chinese civilization.

October 19 marks the anniversary of Lu Xun's death. Availing the occasion, Hangzhou Public Library presented Lu Xun and Han Paintings Exhibition with a purpose to publicize the sage culture. The exhibition displays well-selected Han rubbings collected by Lu Xun, Lu Xun's anthology and some of the Han paintings.

The rubbing of Han paintings is the rudiment of Chinese-style woodcut prints. Lu Xun interpreted the Han paintings by means of literary works illustrations and book binding designs, thus greatly spurring the birth of Chinese modern prints. 

Now, assuming the responsibility of cultural inheritance, various cultural exhibitions have revived the culture by reproduction of culture and innovation of works and have pushed forward cultural heritage by combining classics with modernity.

Author: Text by Zhang Fan Photo by Zhang Fan  Editor: Ye Lijiao