New high-speed rail sees nearly 210,000 departures in the first operation month
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-24 16:25   Source: hangzhou.com.cn

Huzhou-Hangzhou Section of Hefei-Hangzhou High-speed Rail safely dispatched approximately 210,000 passengers in the first 30 days of its operation from September 22 to October 21. Thereinto, Hangzhouxi Railway Station dispatched about 100,000 passengers during the period, with the highest daily departures of 16,000 person-times falling in the National Day Golden Week, indicating an obvious holiday effect. 

According to Q4 train operation diagram that has been implemented since October 11, some passenger trains of Hangzhoudong Railway Station and other stations have been shifted to Hangzhouxi Railway Station, indicating an optimized distribution of trains among the stations in Hangzhou. 

Author: Text by Fang Jianfei Photo by Zhu Tailang, Wang Xiaoshuai  Editor: Ye Lijiao