Overseas students in Hangzhou experience intangible cultural heritages in rural areas
en.hangzhou.com.cn   2022-10-14 16:05   Source: Hangzhou.com.cn

The other day, China Jiliang University organized 27 Chinese and overseas teachers and students to explore red revolutionary root culture and water town culture, and experience the glamour of embroidery, an intangible cultural heritage, at Yalan Village, also known as “Beautiful Red Village”, in Chongxian Sub-district, Yuhang District. 

At the Former Site of the CPC Yalan Village Branch Office and the Party History Exhibition Hall, the students and teachers were deeply impressed by the revolutionary history of Yalan Village and the great change of the village in the past decade. 

“Experiencing the intangible cultural heritage of manual embroidery enables foreign teachers and students to know Chinese traditional culture better. The International Education School will continue to arrange similar activities for international students to perceive Zhejiang and enrich the contents of ideological education for international students,” said the person in charge of the International Education School of China Jiliang University. 

Author: Reporter: Zhang Jing Correspondent: Wang Lu   Editor: Chen Junnan